Please see below our new protocols for attending hydrotherapy sessions, these will remain in place until further notice:

  • Please park on the drive as normal
  • Please stay in your car
  • We will wave from gate when we are ready to start your session
  • Please sanitise hands before touching the small gate
  • Enter holding area (via small gate) & hook your dog on the secure point provided
  • Your dog must only have a collar & lead – NO HARNESSES
  • Please sanitise your hands
  • Please go back out through the small gate and wait
  • Graham or Alana will come out for a handover
  • Please then wait in your car
  • Please do NOT run your car engine whilst waiting
  • On completion of the hydrotherapy session your dog will be returned to the secure point in the holding area
  • Please then come to the small gate and Graham or Alana will give you feedback
  • Once Graham or Alana move back towards the cabin, you may collect your dog from the holding area
  • Please make sure your dog is clean before hydrotherapy
  • PLEASE do NOT bring any dog treats
  • We will NOT be using the blaster to dry your dog, only towels
  • Please maintain ‘Social distancing’ between us, other clients and members of the public outside of Splash Paws

Payment methods:

Contactless card payment of £34 (single session only)
BACs payment for individual sessions of £34 or for Blocks of 5 sessions £160, this payment must be made the day before you session date

We are NO longer accepting cash payments

If you would like to know if payment is required for your next session please contact us and we will advise you accordingly











As we want your dog to have plenty of time to become accustomed to the new environment of our hydrotherapy centre, you will need to allow at least an hour for the initial assessment session. This will give us an opportunity go through the Veterinary Referral Form and have a good chat with you about what your Vet has advised in relation to exercise levels and what is currently being achieved, along with any clinical signs you have witnessed. (eg levels and exercise time of lameness).

We will also weigh your dog and take muscle measurements which will then give us specific measurements to work from. These measurements will be checked again after every nine or ten hydrotherapy sessions.



At every appointment we will carry out a Pre-Swim Health Check, this will include:

  • Eyes – are clear, bright and free from infection
  • Ears – are clean, no obvious signs of infection or build up of wax
  • Coat – that coat condition is clean and clear of open wounds or infections
  • Movement – observation of general movement and range of movement
  • Owner’s View – the view of the owner on the dogs condition / improvements since the previous hydrotherapy session


We will shower your dog before every hydrotherapy session. This helps to warm up your dog’s muscles; it also removes any debris from the coat before going into the pool or underwater treadmill, which helps to keep the equipment water quality looking good.

We will also shower your dog after swimming to warm down the muscles and remove any Bromine from the coat.


We will dry your dog using our warm air blaster as well as towels to make sure your dog leaves us as dry as possible. If your dog is not happy with being dried by a hair dryer, please do tell us.


This is almost impossible to know before we start working with your dog. We recommend that all dogs commence with at least 1 or 2 sessions per week for the first 3 – 4 weeks to ‘kick start’ muscle growth and recovery.

We would then reduce the number of sessions for a further period of 4+ weeks; it all depends on the improvements and results achieved.

The time between appointments can then be lengthened to fortnightly or one session every three weeks, etc depending on your dog’s requirements and your wishes.

Where there is a major problem, such as spinal injuries or paralysis, then 10 appointments will not return a dog to his/her feet. A much higher number of appointments may be required over a longer period of time.


After the initial assessment session, treatment sessions take 40 minutes.

The maximum time your dog could be in the pool or underwater treadmill is 20 minutes. Some dogs on their first and early swims may only be able to manage minimal activity based on their condition, age and fitness levels. This means that the rest periods between each swimming or walking session may be longer.

Treatment sessions will be in the pool or underwater treadmill depending on your dogs condition, age, fitness level, etc etc. This will be decided and reviewed by the hydrotherapy team.


Every treatment session is recorded and a feedback report will be sent to your Veterinary Surgeon after every 10 sessions, to allow them to keep an eye on each dog’s progress.

Reports contain details of the length of each treatment session along with progress made – or alternatively any differences noted on dogs conditions / fitness / weight.