(Prices from 1st April 2022)



Initial Assessment Hydrotherapy Session 1 hour (longer if required) – £49.50

Rehabilitation, Fitness & Weight Control Hydrotherapy session 40 minutes – £38.50


  • Pool or Underwater Treadmill, depending on the needs of your dog
  • Underwater Video analysis (used for feedback to your vet if required)
  • A structured Hydrotherapy programme for your dog.
  • A health check before every hydrotherapy session.
  • Written feedback reports to your Vet.

If two or more hydrotherapists are required for your dog’s session, for the safety of your dog due to spinal injury/surgery or for complicated cases, the price for the treatment session will remain the same. We do not charge you more because your dog has a serious condition and requires that little extra support.


    • All prices are inclusive of VAT
    • All major Credit & Debit cards accepted as we don’t accept cash at the moment
    • Please note: Our session prices are fixed regardless of the length of session time. The length of swim/walk time will vary depending on your dog’s condition, fitness level, needs and ability. On the first appointment, it is very likely that your dog will be in the water for a short time for safety and recovery assessment.​

All sessions are by prior appointment only