Therapeutic support for:

  • Pre-operative conditioning
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Injury to ligaments or muscles
  • Gentle and supported exercise to reduce weight
  • Endurance and muscle training for agility and show dogs


The Benefits of using the Physio-Tech Premium Underwater Treadmill

  • Very low-impact and safe exercise for your dog
  • Strengthens muscle tone
  • Improves mobility
  • It will enhance or maintain cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase fitness and stamina levels
  • Manage and lose weight
  • Reduce pain after injury or surgery
  • Speed-up recovery time after injury or surgery
  • Helps to prevent further injuries

The Premium Physio-Tech Underwater Treadmill gives us the opportunity to treat any size of dog from a Newfoundland down to a Teacup Chihuahua. The entire treadmill belt can be raised safely to any height to allow the dog to be treated with ease and comfort. They can be closer to us and you while we treat them, this is so much better for your dog and for you to be involved as the session progresses.

The treadmill belt can be moved slowly into a position, the water level can be adjusted and the speed changed, all this can be done safely while we are treating your dog. No other Underwater Treadmill gives as many treatment options. Also, the entire width of the treadmill is the ramp to get the dogs in and out, it is very wide and has an extremely shallow incline for easy and safe entry and exit.



Splash Paws are very lucky to be able to offer Laser Therapy using the latest Companion Animal Health CTS-DUO Class IV 25 Watt Laser.

We have a dedicated Laser Therapy Room; it’s calm, it’s quiet and a very comfortable environment for your dog to relax in while having this amazing therapy. All of our Hydrotherapists are fully trained in Laser Therapy by Companion Animal Health and will also receive Continued Professional Development in this therapy.


We have a walk-in shower area. We will shower your dog before and after treatment. Your dog will then be toweled and blow-dried. It is very important that your dog is dry and kept warm after treatment.